2023 Wrap Up: End of Year Market Update (Part 1)

End of Year Market Update

As we wrap up the year, we are joined by Keith Lockwood (CIO) for a two-part discussion, exploring the financial dynamics of 2023 and providing insights into what lies ahead in 2024. Listen in as we chat about this rollercoaster of a year, focusing on the unprecedented market gains in November and December, the dominance of the “Magnificent Seven,” and the Federal Reserve’s role in shaping the market.

Join us as we chat about the importance of staying diversified in the face of market uncertainties and focus on the resilience of the market this year, despite various challenges- from geopolitical conflicts to escalating inflation rates. Don’t miss the second part of this conversation, as Ben and Keith share their perspectives on what might lie ahead in 2024. Join us back here for part two this Thursday!

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

– The market’s unprecedented run in the last two months

– The dominance of the “Magnificent Seven” in driving market gains

– The importance of staying diversified in investment portfolios

– The Federal Reserve’s role in shaping the market



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