How do you want to retire?

Unlock your financial future with BA Schrock Financial Group

Wondering if your retirement will last?

With all the ups and downs in the market, it’s hard to feel confident about your future, financially speaking.

How you invested when you worked must change when you retire. Unlock your financial future with BA Schrock Financial Group.

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BA Schrock Financial Group was founded with the idea that what the client wants in retirement should be the focal point of any retirement plan.

Every day, we come to work focused on doing whatever is in the client's best interest. These are holistic solutions that vary from client to client. 

We create customized retirement plans that address income, taxes, and risk in retirement.

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The UnLock Process

You’ve worked a lifetime accumulating for retirement…

Now is the time to unlock the retirement you want. The Unlock Process guides you through important retirement decisions and helps you retire with confidence.

This process is not made up of any particular product or investment. It starts and stops with your entire retirement in mind. The process results in a comprehensive retirement plan that addresses income, risk, taxes, Social Security, estate planning, and more.  

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Understand What You Want

Nail Down How To Get There

Learn About Your Options

Organize Your Strategies Into A Plan

Collaborate On Adjustments

Keep The Plan Going

4 Steps To Unlock Your Financial Future

Step 1

Schedule a 30 min call and discuss what you want in retirement. There are no financial decisions made or suggested in this call. 

Step 2

Unlock your retirement future by reviewing what you want, and discussing your options on how to make it happen. This step can take multiple meetings.  

Step 3

Take home your retirement plan and decide if you want to proceed with it, or not. We encourage you to do what is in your best interests.

Step 4

If you want to proceed with your plan, then we implement it with you. After, we keep it going for you throughout your retirement years.

What does it mean to unlock your financial future?


A few years ago, we had a single individual come into our office, panicked that she would not be able to retire. A single mom who spent her life supporting her kids was still able to save in her 401k, but had no idea what to do next.

She mentioned that the last financial professional told her she had to work another 10 years before she could retire. This incredible women looked me in the eye and said "I can't work another 10 years. Can you help me?".

After a series of questions to understand what she wanted in retirement, and a review of your investments (including her 401k), it became clear where the disconnect came from. She was not bringing all of her resources together into one complete retirement plan.

I smiled and said, "If we roll your 401k over, and diversify your investments as such, you should be able to retire today. You'll file for Social Security in 6 years. You will bridge the income gap with these investments. In the end, you don't have to work another day in your life, unless you want to."

Tears ran down her face. We sat in silence as the reality set in. She was financially independent for the first time in her life

Within a few weeks, we completed the unlocking process and put together a complete retirement plan built for her. She then transitioned out of her job and began living the retirement she had hoped for.

Often times, as we get closer to the age when most people retire, we can feel trapped. Stuck to our paycheck, we wonder if we will ever be able to make the leap.

Our experience has shown that when pre-retirees understand how to retire and nail down how to get there, their composure completely changes. Now, they cannot wait for that magical day.

At the core of retirement planning, you have to address income, taxes, and risk. That also includes your Social Security (income), estate planning (taxes), and asset class diversification (risk). Too many Americans seem to leave most of their assets at risk in retirement. When markets drop, they panic. 

There are a few key rules you must understand before you begin planning your retirement. The first is the rule of income. It suggests that you only draw income from accounts that go up. If you were to draw income from an account that was down, you would be accentuating those losses, making it more difficult to recover. What accounts you pick to pull from are up to you. Make sure that they are up year over year. 

The second rule suggests that risk is deliberate. That is to say, there is no perfect investment. What do you want in retirement? From there, you deliberately invest to fill those needs. A diversified portfolio of mutual funds is often not enough for a complete retirement plan.

When you plan with BA Schrock Financial Group, you plan to unlock your financial future. We work with you to help you with your transition from the workplace to the retirement you want. 

How do you want to retire?

Not feeling confident about your retirement?


Schedule a 15 minute introduction call and find out how you can unlock your financial future. 

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