Ep 108: Financial Planning During Market Loss with Dan Oaklief (Part 2)

Today we are excited to be back with Dan Oaklief, RICP®, CPFA, one of our experienced advisors at BA Schrock Financial Group. For the past three years, Dan has been hosting informative webinars to educate clients on taxes, retirement, and social security planning. In part two of this two-part episode, we’ll talk about the impact of the current market on retirement planning and touch on some financial spring-cleaning tips.

Ep 106: How Retirement Changes Impact Finances (Part 2)

In this episode, we’re spending some time with BA Schrock’s Colleen LeMasters, CFP® to share our process for helping and assisting clients when the face these significant changes that disrupt life and retirement. This is a conversation that we can approach from multiple angles so we’ve broken it out into two parts. Now we’re going to turn our attention to the retirement aspect of this conversation and the changes that often happen to people around this time.

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