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Is your business data and personal data protected against cyber criminals? On today’s episode, we’ll explore protecting yourself against phishing scams with tech expert, Ben Zelei.

The Combination and Key Points: 

On today’s episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future, we welcome guest, Ben Zelei with Small Business Technologies to discuss keeping our clients and their data safe from cyber scams and criminals. Robocalls, password security, and phishing scams continue to get more complicated and we need to protect ourselves and our finances from these threats.

When it comes to the average everyday computer user, what is the easiest way to avoid fraudulent email hacking? Firstly, don’t click the link in an email without verifying who and what it is. Phishing emails are the most common way to get ransomware.

Ransomware is some program virus that encrypts the data on your hard drive, holding it ransom. If you pay them, they might give you your data back but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get that data back. 

These scammers will go after anyone, a business or an individual. A scammer will send out a phishing scam to thousands of emails, hoping a few will click on the link that contains the ransomware. These emails often convey a sense of panic or emergency, trying to trick you into clicking the link quickly. They can essentially “live” within your email and attain the data and important information that comes in.

The first place to look is the email address. Does the display name match the email? Is the grammar correct? Secondly, you want to call your bank or the source and verify the email’s authenticity. When in doubt, don’t click it!

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To hear more you can listen to the full episode or use the timestamps below to find a specific segment.

0:50 – Ben’s background and entry into IT

2:55 – Was this always your passion?

3:28 – Was Cyber Security challenging?

4:02 – What is your role with your company?

5:48 – How does ransomware attack your data?

7:32 – Who do they go after?

11:06 – Have you seen people lose money?

11:43 – What’s a sign that you shouldn’t click it?

13:21 – Maintain awareness of phishing

14:26 – Are there other ways they get in?

15:12 – Phishing in text messages

Key Quote: 

That’s the whole point, is to keep maintain and raising awareness against phishing. That’s the number one way that these cyber criminals get in.

-Ben Zelei

Thanks for listening to another episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future. We’ll talk to you again next week!

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