The Setup:

NFL offensive guard, Brian Winters, joins us to discuss saving habits, investment management, and football! What kind of financial mindset does Brian have and how can it help you save for retirement?

The Combination and Key Points: 

On today’s episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future, a special guest, Brian Winters, the offensive guard for the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Arizona Cardinals joins us to discuss his football background, saving habits, and more.

After his junior year of college, he realized that joining the NFL was within reach. He has started 110 games and eventually met his wife in New York. Joining the NFL was great but now with an in-flow of large chunks of money, Brian knew he needed to implement some stronger saving habits.

People joke that the NFL stands “Not for Long.” Brian wants to play hard for as long as he can but wants opportunities after football. Opportunities that saving now can afford him in the future. Even to a rookie NFL player, the reality of taxes taking out large chunks of their paycheck is very real. If you have a lot of money in an IRA or 401(k), similarly, you have to remember taxes are going to take a big dip out of those savings.

You see a lot of people overspending in the NFL. Buying large homes and fancy cars, but they forget about the reality of property taxes. Brian is hopeful that financial education can be improved in the NFL. It’s all about saving now to support your financial future and that can apply to anyone. Make sure to join us next time as we continue our financial conversation with Brian!

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To hear more you can listen to the full episode or use the timestamps below to find a specific segment.

0:56 – Background on Brian

1:39 – Realizing he could be in the NFL

3:19 – Starting 110 games

5:00 – Become a financial saver

6:54 – Financial support

7:54 – Learning about taxes

9:07 – Complex tax filing

10:16 – Property taxes

11:17 – Paycheck structure

12:06 – Awareness in the NFL

14:01 – Benefit plans in the NFL

16:24 – Developing a money mindset

17:45 – Protecting the athlete

20:03 – Favorite college stadium

22:06 – Investing management

25:41 – Ease of investing now

26:58 – Favorite stock out there

27:17 – Trust the process

Key Quote: 

It’s hard for someone to hand over control of their money…The key word is that you trust them.

-Brian Winters

Thanks for listening to another episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future. We’ll talk to you again next week!

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