The Setup:

The turbulence of 2020 might have you questioning just how close you are to retirement. That’s a common feeling for many people but today we’ll share a story about a client that came in without much confidence in retiring and left with the plan to quit working in three months.

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The Combination and Key Points: 

We’re midway through 2020 an a lot has changed financially since January. That’s probably putting it mildly.

Hopefully, you already had a retirement plan in place that helped you navigate many of these ups and downs. Even with a strong plan, people are still showing concern over the state of the economy and the volatility of the market, which is understandable. It’s even led to a higher percentage of people we talk with in Ohio to lack confidence in their ability to retire.

Even in good economic times, we still meet with individuals and couples that aren’t sure when or if they’ll be able to retire. It could be do to a lack of saving, planning, or just general worry. The good news, however, is that building a plan can help alleviate a lot your concerns.

On this episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future, Ben will address this lack of confidence and tell us about the process his team uses to help clients reach their goals. Using software that we’ll explain on the show, BA Schrock can show clients exactly how their portfolio will look and where the income will come from regardless of how the economy is doing.

We’ll also share the story of a couple that recently came into the office without any idea when they’d be able to retire. They didn’t feel good about what they had built up to that point, but as we went through the numbers, things looked much better than they made it seem. By the time the meeting was over, they had a plan in place for retirement.

That’s the kind of story we love to share and the reason why we’re passionate about the work we do. Being able to tell someone they can retire when they never expected it is rewarding for everyone.

If you want to see where your financial plan stands, reach out and we’ll set up a meeting to look over everything and talk about where you could go from there.

Thanks for listening to another episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future. We’ll talk to you again next week!

1:20 – BA Schrock just moved into a new office.

3:36 – Are clients having more doubts about retirement after everything we’ve been through in 2020?

5:24 – How often are you meeting with people that don’t see a path to retirement?

7:33 – The software our office uses to help you see your portfolio in different scenarios.

9:30 – Ben shares a time a client didn’t feel good about retiring but he was able to show them they were better off than they thought and could retire soon.

12:46 – How much second guessing do clients have?

13:53 – What to do if you have doubts.


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