The Setup:

On part four of our financial myths series, we take a look at the idea that financial planning today is much easier to do because of technology and it’s something you can easily take on by yourself. While it’s great to have access to everything the internet has to offer, it’s far from a perfect solution for planning your future.

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The Combination:

At one point or another, we’ve all logged onto the internet or opened our smartphone to research an investment option or read the latest financial news. It’s a wonderful perk to living in this age of technology, but does that mean that you can tackle your retirement alone?

On this episode Unlocking Your Financial Future, we discuss that idea and explain why it can be dangerous at worse and far from advantageous at best. This is part four of a five-part series busting the biggest financial myths that exist and one that’s important to you, whether you work with an advisor or not.

Ben Schrock will answer some of the most common questions associated with this idea of independent research and planning, like how to sort through right from wrong online, what you won’t get from a computer or an algorithm, and why relationships are such an important part of the planning process.

Before the main discussion gets started, we’ll get away from finance for a few minutes and find out what qualities Ben looks for in an employee as part of our business spotlight.

We’ve laid out the main topics below. Click the timestamps to jump around in the episode.


Key Points:

1:35 – Introducing part four of our series.

2:07 – Small business spotlight: What qualities do you look for in an employee?

4:33 – Recapping our Busting the Biggest Financial Myths series

5:10 – Today’s myth: You don’t really need a financial advisor today with all of the technology at our disposal.

6:14 – How do you sift through all of the information that’s available every day.

7:23 – Do you have many clients that come in that had some bad research?

8:12 – You can’t always trust what these online calculators or algorithms are going to produce for you.

9:08 – Research can help you but having that personal relationship is still very important.

10:54 – We offer the LOCK process to get to know more about our clients.


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