The Setup:

We spend most of the time on this show talking about financial planning topics, but we thought it would be beneficial for a lot of people if we talked about how everyone has been doing. From our own office to the clients we’ve been keeping in touch with, find out how others are dealing with quarantine and what they’ve been doing to keep busy.

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The Combination and Key Points: 

This past few months haven’t been easy on anyone. The best case scenario for some is simple disruption but many other are dealing with concerns about their health or their job.

That’s why we’ve decided to turn our attention away from finance a bit and find out how our clients and our Wadsworth community has been dealing with the pandemic. So this episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future will take a look at the personal side of this crisis and what Ben has been experiencing from his conversation with clients.

As you’ll hear on the show, the overall feeling from people we’re keeping in touch with on a weekly basis is calm and positive. The one thing that has been surprising is that there has been a number of people took this crisis as an opportunity to retire earlier than they anticipated. As you can imagine, that might raise a little concern with the volatility happening across the market. But it also speaks to the confidence clients have in the plan they’ve built.

Throughout this entire process we’ve kept people updated through emails, videos, and now a new webinar called Keep Calm and Retire On. The goal is to check in on people but also keep them informed on what we’re seeing and noticing.

Hopefully we’re getting closer to returning to normal around Ohio, but we’ll continue taking precautions in our office. Feel free to contact us to set up a meeting in the office or virtually, whichever is best for you.

0:40 – Today we want to get an update from Ben on how his clients and people in our community have been handling COVID-19.

1:49 – How to access Ben’s new webinar, Keep Calm and Retire On.

3:40 – What’s the latest on Ohio opening back up?

4:24 – How have our clients been impacted so far?

5:57 – How is everyone doing emotionally right now?

7:04 – Are clients able to stay busy and active?

8:08 – Has anyone had employment issues? Are you having those conversations?

9:16 – Working from home vs going into an office.

10:22 – What is the business doing to assist clients during this pandemic?

11:38 – Are people optimistic overall or worried about long this will last?

13:01 – We’re taking precautions in the office.

Thanks for listening to another episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future. We’ll talk to you again next week!


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