The Setup:

We’re only a year away from the 2020 presidential election and that’s making some investors anxious. How will the election affect finance? What about the candidates and their platforms? We get Ben’s thoughts on this topic plus two other recent headlines that all relate to retirement planning.

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The Combination:

Sometimes your portfolio’s performance is outside of your control thanks to external factors that impact your investments. One of those factors is the news, and word spreads faster now than any other time in history. What do the latest headlines mean for your retirement plan?

We discuss a few news items we’ve come across in recent weeks on this episode of Unlocking Your Financial Future and explain how they impact investors. We’ve also laid out the main topics below. Click the timestamps to jump around in the episode.


Before we dive into any news, we had to find out how the first Schrocktoberfest event turned out. B.A. threw the seasonal party for clients and friends and he gave us an update on how everything went.

0:32 – Ben’s office just wrapped up their first-ever Schrocktoberfest. 


2020 Elections and The Financial Impact

We’re still a year away from the 2020 presidential election but it’s still all over the news. As the democratic party tries to take back control of the White House, what will the results mean to the economy and the market? That’s a question many people are asking as we move closer to election day.

You’ve probably started thinking about how you might adjust your portfolio ahead of the elections so you aren’t having to deal with the volatility that might follow. We asked Ben about the impact of the elections and when it might start affecting the behaviors of investors. And what about Andrew Yang’s idea to give everyone a $1,000 ‘Freedom Dividend’ every month?

2:08 – Looking at the 2020 election, at what point will that begin to play a role in the way we behave as investors?

3:55 – Democratic candidate Andrew Yang wants to give every family a $1,000 ‘freedom dividend’ every month. What would his family do with the money?

4:55 – Could this plan work and how do we pay for it?


Are you Mortgage-Free?

Our next headline came from a recent study that found 37% of American households have paid off their mortgage. That’s a goal for everyone but is Ben surprised by this number?

7:11 – A new study shows 37% of households are ‘free and clear.’ Is that higher or lower than you expected?

7:56 – How many of Ben’s clients go into retirement without a mortgage?


Wedding Loans

An alarming trend we found came from the wedding industry. Marriage is a beautiful thing but the ceremony and reception can put a significant dent in your savings account. Lenders know this and have started offering wedding loans for young couples. Unfortunately, these can carry huge interest rates. We’ll talk about taking on that debt and whether it’s ever a good idea.

9:17 – Our final headline is about a new trend in the wedding industry to loan young couples money to pay for their ceremony and reception. 

11:25 – Wedding days go by so quickly and it’s more important to remember the people and the moments than the things.

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